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WordPress is a free cross-platform and open source software that is mainly used for blogging and content management. Many bloggers and web builders will agree that it is the best of its kind in existence. It has thousands of plugins and themes available. To enjoy using WordPress, it’s good to know WordPress in depth. There are several books to learn WordPress development. There are books for absolute newbies, for proficient bloggers and for advanced users as well. Best Books for ..

WordPress Is The “Most Attacked” CMS as per Imperva Report

WordPress is the most vulnerable CMS in order to cyber attacks, in line with a report by means of Imperva, a information security firm. The Imperva Web Application Attack Report (WAAR) – an annual report now published to the fifth time : was recently unveiled via the Imperva weblog. Amongst a long list of findings, it similar that websites running on WordPress are generally attacked 24% more than those running on other content management systems combined together Here’s a closer ..

Powerful WordPress Plugins which you need in this era of Social Media

The web development tool WordPress’s core was designed to be lightweight in order to provide maximum flexibility while reducing code bloat and so it may not offer much of the fancy functionalities. Plugins are added on top of the WordPress software to provide additional custom features and functions that users can utilize to build their websites according to their specific needs. We are currently in an era where social media services are very popular and are the biggest source of web traffic after ..