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Why speed optimized WordPress themes are necessary for your Website? – Part 2

Let us start with a small instance. You are running a small eCommerce website to sell your handcrafted bags. Your business is small but is gaining trust of customers and you’re making good money. After a few months, you notice that the business is declining, especially repeat business. A customer who buys something from you, never returns again. You start to think of the reasons for this. You hire a business consultant, a web developer, an SEO expert to help ..

How to choose a WordPress theme for your business ?

Thinking to start a new online store? Want to promote your business? Showcase your artwork? Want to contribute to social well-being? Well, all of these purposes need a web presence, more than it was needed in the past when physical address was considered to be the most important aspect of reliability of an entity. Now, individuals quickly open a web browser, enter the URL and get all the information they need about you or purchase the stuff they need without ..