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Top 10 MUST have WordPress Plugins!

Is it possible to have a nice interactive, well secured and optimized WordPress Website? YES, it is! That is a question that one of my clients that had been using the Joomla platform in his Website posed. You might have stumbled upon the same question as a Designer too, but for those that have a tough call on making a decision on the platform to choose, WordPress is the most convenient of them all. This is because of the Plugins ..

Importance of SEO and Security Plugins in your WordPress Based Website

It’s no secret that having a secure and well optimized website is the key to a successful online business today. Optimization, when performed correctly, allows potential customers to easily locate the site. But, it will only be trusted if it’s secure. A good hosting server would normally be enough, but a completely secure site goes a long way in providing that extra reassurance. With a quality SEO plugin, webmasters are able to plan their campaigns with ease and make demanded ..

Why speed optimized WordPress themes are necessary for your Website?

One of the biggest benefits of having a speed optimized website is to make it rank better over your competitors. This was confirmed after Matt Cutts of Google revealed that loading speed is taken into account when the algorithm ranks a website, known as a ‘ranking metric’. This was seen as a move towards a stronger focus on mobile devices after Google did their research and found more than half of local searches were done on mobile devices, and 61% ..