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Powerful WordPress Plugins which you need in this era of Social Media

The web development tool WordPress’s core was designed to be lightweight in order to provide maximum flexibility while reducing code bloat and so it may not offer much of the fancy functionalities. Plugins are added on top of the WordPress software to provide additional custom features and functions that users can utilize to build their websites according to their specific needs. We are currently in an era where social media services are very popular and are the biggest source of web traffic after ..

Top 10 MUST have WordPress Plugins!

Is it possible to have a nice interactive, well secured and optimized WordPress Website? YES, it is! That is a question that one of my clients that had been using the Joomla platform in his Website posed. You might have stumbled upon the same question as a Designer too, but for those that have a tough call on making a decision on the platform to choose, WordPress is the most convenient of them all. This is because of the Plugins ..